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NOIP Study Visit to DGIPR

Dated December 2 to 6, 2013, the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) of VietNam has visited Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPR) in order to learn Industrial Property Automation System (IPAS). Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung and Ms. Dau Thi Hong Tiep became representatives from NOIP. The objective of this study to learn: 1. the best approach and strategy on the deployment and use of WIPO business solutions, in particular IPAS; 2. the detailed technical features, functions and practical operations of the WI PO system in a local environment; 3. our assessment and evaluation of the WIPO system based on the DGIPR’s operational experience.

Ms. Tiep & Mr. Hung
Ms. Tiep & Mr. Hung in Industrial Design Publication
Ms. Tiep & Mr. Hung in Industrial Design Examination
Ms. Tiep & Mr. Hung in Trademark Formality Examination
Ms. Tiep & Mr. Hung in Trademark Data Capture
Ms. Tiep & Mr. Hung in Trademark Substantive Examination
Ms. Tiep & Mr. Hung in Reception Counter (Jakarta)
Ms. Tiep; Mr. Hung; Mr. Said; & Mr. Anggoro in DGIPR Jakarta

DGIPR has been identified by the Industrial Property Office Business Solutions Division (IPOBSD) as the most appropriate office to share experience and knowledge on the deployment of the system and the functioning and management of the system in daily operations. We tried our best to provide them any information about IPAS implementation. Mostly questions are related to technical part about IPAS implementation. We also concern to inform them about non-technical matters likes: change management; managing user need and request; and any possibility to integrate any system with IPAS. We also learn from NOIP concerning IP development. See you again next time.

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ASEAN IT Roadmap Workshop

Lucky Me. Dated November 25 to 28, 2013, Makati City (Philippines), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) organized ASEAN IT Roadmap Workshop in cooperation with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). Mr. Said and I had been chosen to become representatives from Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPR).

The objectives of the training workshop are to: share knowledge and experience among the ASEAN Member States; raise awareness on work-sharing initiatives; facilitate regional networking, and contribute to the drafting of the IT Roadmap for the ASEAN. The following items are list of participant:

Country Name Institution
BRUNEI Mr. Zulfakhrur Razi Omar Ali Brunei Intellectual Property Office
CAMBODIA (1) Mr. Ly Sonabend; (2) Mr. Vichea Suon Directorate Department of Intellectual Property Rights, Ministry of Commerce
INDONESIA (1) Mr. Said Nafik; (2) Mr. Yoga Prihastomo Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights
LAO (1) Mr. Aphivath Sombounkhanh; (2) Ms. Latdaphone Sirisombath Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science and Technology
MALAYSIA (1) Mr. Mohd Fadzil Ahmad; (2) Ms. Sharifa Nadiah Syed Sheikh Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia
MYANMAR (1) Mr. Kyaw Khaing Khaing Aung; (2) Ms. Wai le Yi Intellectual Property Section, Ministry of Science and Technology
SINGAPORE (1) Dr. Kay Wee Ang; (2) Ms. Li Fung Chan Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
THAILAND (1) Mr. Vichaya Wangpakapattanawong; (2) Mr. Sakol Vithoonjit Department of Intellectual Property Thailand
VIET NAM (1) Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong; (2) Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Mai National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam
PHILIPPINES (1) Mr. Nelson P. Laluces; (2) Ms. Corazon DP. Marcial; (3) etc etc Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

The following items are list of speaker:

  • Mr. William Meredith (Director, Infrastructure Modernization Division-IMD), Mr. Juneho Jang (Head, Business Development Section-IMD), and Mr. Kyaw Zaw (Regional Expert, Project Deployment Section-IMD), WIPO.
  • Mr. Robert Bollard, General Manager, Customer Operations Group, IP Australia; and
  • Mr. Yuichiro Nakaya (Director for International Affairs, Information Technology Policy Planning Office) and Mr. Hisanori Sato (Assistant Director, Patent Information Policy Planning Office), Japan Patent Office.
ASEAN IT Roadmap Workshop
Mr. Said in Action
Mr. Kyaw Zaw in Action
I am in Action
Dinner with DG IPOPhil
Lunch with DG IPOPhil

DGIPR has successfully deployed IPAS for patent, trademark and industrial design. DGIPR e-filing was released in 31 October 2011, which is a web based application, built to serve electronic filing of IP applications through 33 regional offices. All the publication for patent, trademark and industrial design is done through internet. DGIPR provides online public service to enable users search for registered national trademark, granted patent and utility model, and industrial design. DGIPR will be the first country to deploy WIPOFile to provide e-filing service to the users.

The proposed roadmap, which is based on the survey of current status of IT-based services in ASEAN Member States (AMS) IP Offices under the ASEAN Initiative 28: Infrastructure Modernization of ASEAN IP Offices, aims to provide AMS IP Offices of the brief picture on where they stand for in terms of IT management, business services and future priorities; further support AMS initiative with specific guidance on how to achieve common business goals and tools to the users, including applicants, general public and examiners ; enable the offices to be equipped with information which will more easily create a complete and manageable digital environment for both IP processes and documents and support them with their communication and integration by themselves.

My personal comment: The workshop give us opportunity and enlightment to improve IP automation delevopment in DGIPR. We able to accelerate reach our dream to become IP Office Globally (at least, in ASEAN). Thanks to Mr. Razilu who send us to this workshop. See you again.


Yoga Prihastomo