WIPOFile Workshop – Batch 1

Dated April 23, 2015, we delivered a WIPOFile pre workshop to selected IP agents/representatives. The objective of this workshop is to announce that DGIP currently prepared an online filing solution whice is called by WIPOFile (supported by WIPO). As planed before, we will integrate it with SIMPONI Ministry of Finance. We also got a good feedback from agent to enhance WIPOFile.

Opening Speech
Participant of WIPOFile Workshop

See you again in the next workshop :)

WIPO Mision

Dated March 26 to April 10, 2015 we are pleased visited by special guests from WIPO: Mr Daniel Cheng, Mr Kyaw Zaw and Mr. Christophe Jaques. The objectives of the mision are to:

  • prepare electronic document management system in IPAS;
  • troubleshoot some cases in IPAS;
  • prepare WIPOFile for testing phase;
  • update status of WIPO CASE;
  • deploy WIPOPublish as internal search for Industrial Design Examiner.
Visiting Post Registration of Trademark
Meeting with Stakeholder
Meeting with Executive Secretary of DGIP
WIPO Official and Directors of DGIP
Dinner at Lara Djonggrang

See you again guys :)

Things Related eCopyRights

The following are some activities related to eCopyRights as follows:

  • UAT meeting with Ministry of Finance – February 18, 2015;
  • Meeting with Ministry of Cooperative and SMEs – March 3, 2015;
  • Road show to Ministry of Cooperative and SMEs – March 4, 2015; and
  • Internal meeting with Secretariate, Directorate of Copyright and Directorate of IT – March 13, 2015.
Meeting with Ministry of Finance
Meeting with Ministry of Cooperative and SME
Road show to Ministry of Cooperative and SME
Internal meeting


Goes to WIPO Singapore Office

Dated Februari 2-6, 2015 we went to WIPO Singapore Office (WSO). This activity may including:

  • WIPO Workshop on Utilization of CASE Platform for Efficient and Effective ASEAN Work Sharing;
  • 6th Meeting of the Task Force on ASEAN PATENT EXAMINATION COOPERATION (ASPEC); and
  • 3rd ASEAN CoP for Patent Examiners 2015.

The delegation from Indonesia are Mr. Mahruzar (Patent Examiner); Mr. Aribudhi Nugroho Suyono (Patent Examiner); Mr. Didit Mohamad Anhar (Head of Section of Patent Application) and I my self (IT Officer).

Representatives from Indonesia
Visiting IPOS
Roundtable discussion
And here we are

The objectives of the Seminar are to:

  1. enhance the operational practices of ASPEC program with a more strategic and business-oriented approach;
  2. review the current level of ASPEC practices and the effectiveness and efficiency of WIPO CASE platform for the purposes of facilitating ASPEC process;
  3. make WIPO CASE a useful platform for patent examiners to learn about patent examination practices in different IP Offices and to apply them to their current work; and
  4. provide recommendations, including specific actions items, for enhancement and improved efficiencies of ASPEC work process.

Resume until end of 2014

I have been long time no write in the blog. Here’s a little summary of my activity after coming home from Japan November 2014 until end of 2014 as follows:

  • WIPO-DGIPR 2 weeks mision of Mr Daniel Cheng and Mr Kyaw Zaw – WIPO CASE Introduction, Related things of IPAS and Planning cooperation 2015 – October to November 2014;
  • Internal meeting with Directorate of Industrial Design – Streamlining and enhancing IPAS business process – November 19, 2014;
  • Internal meeting with Directorate of Patent – Streamlining and enhancing IPAS business process – November 20, 2014;
  • Meeting with NTT Data – Concerning Help Desk proposal – November 21, 2014;
  • Meeting with Minstry of Finance – Concerning implementation of SIMPONI at DGIPR – November 27, 2014;
  • WIPO-JPO Joint Mission to DGIPR (Mr. Juneho JANG (WIPO); Mr. Yuichiro NAKAYA and Mr. Hironori TAKIZAWA (JPO) – Review the current IT system environments; Strengthen the existing cooperation framework – December 10-11, 2014;
  • Onsite training an introduction of WIPO Global Brand Database to DGIPR Trademark Examiners – December 17, 2014.
Mr. Kyaw Zaw in Action
Internal Meeting with Directorate of Industrial Design
Internal Meeting with Directorate of Patent
NTT Data visiting DGIPR
Meeting with Ministry of Finance
Onsite Training to Trademark Examiners

Let’s continue writing :)

Goes to Japan (again)

Lucky Me, I went to Japan again to take the same workshop entitle “Training Course on the Use of Information Technology in Industrial Property Administration”. It was held on October 27 until November 7, 2014. The training course took place at the Japan Patent Office (JPO) (Website: http://www.jpo.go.jp/index.htm) and the Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center (APIC)( Website: http://www.jiii.or.jp/english/apic/) of the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (JIPII).

You may refer my last post at Japan:

Partcipant came from 22 countries (It was nice). The list are as follows:

01 Mr. Robert Chiweza ARIPO
02 Mr. Mohammad Noor Hossain Bangladesh
03 Mrs. Keletso Desiree Linchwe Botswana
04 Mr. Gerardo Pessoa Pinto Silveira Junior Brazil
05 Mr. Md. Zulfakhrur Razi Omar Ali Brunei
06 Mr. Abdul Muiz Waliyuddin Dr Hj Ramlee Brunei
07 Mr. Tith Seychanly Cambodia
08 Mr. Alrano Andre Gonzalez Lopez Chile
09 Mr. Hytham Mahmoud Mohamed Egypt
10 Mr. Sameer Swarup India
11 Mr. Yoga Prihastomo Indonesia
12 Mr. Erick Andati Kenya
13 Mrs. Dalavanh Khattignavong Sanh Lao PDR
14 Mr. Faizul Hafiz B. Mohd Shamsuddin Malaysia
15 Mr. Juan Manuel Hernandez Garcia Mexico
16 Mrs. Buyandelger Gan Mongolia
17 Mr. Kyaw Khine Lin Myanmar
18 Mr. Djenarbe Moyodingam Narcisse OAPI Cameroon
19 Mr. Muhammad Akbar Khan Pakistan
20 Mrs. Balin Namuri Papua New Guinea
21 Mr. Ronald B. Matias Philippines
22 Mr. Tanawat Sukarayothin Thailand
23 Mrs. Nguyen T. Thu Huong Vietnam

The list of subjects are as follows:

01 Welcome Address by the JPO and APIC-JIPII JPO, APIC
02 The Current Status and Future Direction of Japanese Industrial Property Administration JPO
03 Visit to the JPO JPO
04 An Overview of WIPO Business Modernizaiton Services, Business Development and Global Project Status WIPO
05 Standards and Best Practices on the Digitization of IP Registries; Overview of WIPO Scan System as a Tool for IP Document WIPO
06 Business Cases for E-Filing and Publication of IP application: WIPO File and Publication Server WIPO
07 Country Report WIPO
08 Electronic Document Management Systems; Functionality, Selection Criteria, Integration with Other Systems. WIPO
09 WIPO IPAS JAVA; Enhanced Features and Capabilities for IP Office Automation, including Processing of Madrid Trademark Notifications WIPO
10 Recent Developments on Regional and International Cooperation to Share IP Information to Enhance IPO Business Services and Progress on ASEAN Work Sharing WIPO
11 JPO IT System JPO
12 A role of Program Management Office (PMO) in the JPO JPO
13 Digitization of IP Information for Efficient Work JPO
14 Visit to the JPO (IT related offices) JPO
15 Overview of Internet Filing JPO
16 Security for Internet Filing JPO
17 Data Entry Organization, Patent Application Processing Center (PAPC) PAPC
18 Provision of IP Information JPO
19 International IP information-sharing for work-sharing JPO
20 Visit to Patent Information Fair & Conference Science Museum
21 Explanation and Discussion on the Topic of the Participants’ interest JPO
22 Evaluation Meeting JPO, APIC
23 Closing Ceremony JPO, APIC
I'm in Action
Country Report Session
Welcome Party
Mr. Kyaw Zaw in Action
PAPC Presentation
Special Presentation from Mr. Alrano Andre Gonzalez Lopez
Mr. Juneho Jang in Action
Photo Session
Asakusa - Rainy Day
Mr. Faizul
Odaiba - Liberty
Odaiba - Restoran Surabaya
Visit WIPO showcase
JPO Session Course - Mr. Toshitsugu Nakajima
Finally - Ipin and Upin haha

First week, the course is lead by WIPO:
1. Mr. Juneho JANG (Head, Business Development Section, IPOBSD)
2. Mr. Kyaw ZAW (Regional Expert, WIPO Singapore Office)

In this this week, we also have to present our country report. IMHO, I learned many things from each participant (especially from IPAS country). Some of them came from technical guys like me. We got new friends from this course and again we learned Japanese culture.

Second week, the course is lead by JPO. Lucky us, We visited Patent Information Fair & Conference at Science Museum and we got extra holiday on Monday. So, thanks to WIPO, JPO, APIC who delivered a great training course. Keep in touch my friends.

Warm Regards from Jakarta

Lokakarya at PDII LIPI

Dated October 23, 2014, Mr. Karjono delivered presentation entitled “Sumber Data dan Informasi dari Dokumen Paten” at Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia – Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah (LIPI-PDII). As we know, DGIPR administer, manage and disseminate patent information (document) in Indonesia. IMHO, our office should: increase the speed of examination (granting process), make a simple annuity calculation, give an incentives to local inventor, improve quality of examination and last one join WIPO CASE as depositing office (I hope). So, in the future, patent application from local will increase significantly.

Lokakarya LIPI-PDII 2014
Mr. Karjono in Action at Lokakarya LIPI-PDII 2014

I always imagine, someday, patent application from local is bigger than trademark application. #IHope

Meeting – External Auditor

Dated October 17, 2014 at Secretariate Meeting Room, there was meeting between Supreme Audit Board (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan – BPK) and DGIPR. BPK presented result (draft) of audit in DGIPR. The audit including finance and performance of DGIPR. From IT side, we give them information/data from IPAS for further processing. They also clarify some information concerning IT policy. This meeting focussed on Directorate of Trademark.

Meeting - External Auditor
BPK Team

I’m personally love this audit (especially in performance audit). :)

Meeting – IPAS Copyrights

As planned before, we will use IPAS as backend automation system for Copyrights. Dated October 15-16, 2014 at Park Hotel Cawang Jakarta, there was meeting between Directorate of Copyrights and Directorate of Information Technology. In this meeting, we discussed about workflow, office document template, user document, role/authorization and also regulation. FYI, In this month, our parlement (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat) agreed with new regulation for Copyrights that we were proposed.

Mr. Karjono - Speech Opening
Copyrights Meeting

In technical point of view, some consideration that we might consider as follows: translation of user interface, data migration (old system and other manual processes), integration between offline and online system, electronic document management system (in this case, we had around 80% backfiles already scanned), etc. So, let’s pray, see you on production time.

Meeting – Secretariate Information Application

This was another side job for me. Dated September 10, 2014, we had meeting with Secretary of DGIPR regarding Secretariate Information Application. First plan, we only considered this apps just for Human Resources Division. Furthermore, after some while, Mr. Razilu wanted other Division under Secretariate also utilized it. I already prepared prototype for presentation. I got some feedbacks during my presentation.

Head of Division of Secretariate
Secretariate Meeting

In next meeting, I tried to improve some parts including: look and feel (theme), plugins and etc. The final prototype was ready at that moment, but in fact, I should go to Japan for 2 weeks IT Training. So, I hope this November, we can launch this application to DGIPR Internal. See you on production time.